Anthony Faroux’s pictures get done through a number of sessions until they reach a point that seems right to be left. This point is the result of deliberations, and attempts which eventually will exhaust a form of self awareness. The plan, the board, paper or the canvas becomes grounds for negociations between mind, medium, and the hand; it is an argumentative process where questions about strokes, marks, subject matter and possibly narratives, flood in before something will grip on the surface. The result is often familiar, it picture or suggest objects, places, animals, or people. The main goal is to come to a point when paint stops looking like paint only, but somehow disappears to let some sort kinaesthetic stage appear.

Anthony Faroux works and live in London where he graduated in 2007 from the Royal Academy Schools. He was awarded for the Abbey Schorlaship at the British School at Rome in 2008 and granted the Jerwood Painting Fellowship in 2012.

Exhibitions include; “Till the end of it” at Gallery Maksla XO in Riga/Latvia (2014), ”Repressed Statements with some Collectibles” at 43 Inverness Street Gallery in London (2014), “Enjoy the Squares&Triangles you know. Discover the Squares&Triangles you don’t Know” at Arcade in London (2013), “Jerwood Painting Fellowships” at Jerwood Art Space in London (2013) “Artist in Residence” at DLI Gallery in Durham (2011), and “Bakkar Island” at Five Years Gallery in London (2010).